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Luke 24:51. His Ascension and Our Access

Now it came to pass, while He blessed them, that He was parted from them and carried up into heaven. Luke 24:51

Jesus' Cross is the door by which every member of the human race can enter into the life of God; by His resurrection He has the right to give eternal life to anyone, and by His ascension our Lord entered heaven, keeping the door open for humanity.


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Luke 24:51. His Ascension and Our Access. My Utmost For His Highest. Copyright ©2014 by Mark Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.

This painting was inspired by the moving devotions penned and published by Oswald Chambers in his powerful devotional book, My Utmost for His Highest.

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The Only Worthwhile Goal

Jesus said that we cannot serve God and mammon (money) in this life. I plead with you to avoid the inevitable shipwreck of a decision to pursue the world and instead give Jesus the reins of your life. Make it your only goal to know Jesus Christ personally. Devour the Bible daily and watch in amazement as God honors His commitment to protect and provide for you!

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The Unheeded Secret- My Kingdom Is Not Of This World

"My kingdom is not of this world" -John 18:36


I read a great devotional this morning from My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. It gave me encouragement about something that I continually wrestle with in my daily Christian walk. The problem of endlessly running on the treadmill of life to try keep one step ahead of the next pressure or disaster that looms on the horizon.  As a Christian I often find myself wondering where in life I missed the "abundant life" and "peace that passes all understanding" train.

Yes, Jesus always kept busy doing the work of the Kingdom.  But I don't find any stories about Him running behind in His schedule, or being frustrated about all of the obstacles that life threw in His schedule.  True to His word, Jesus was anxious about nothing as He patiently walked through, and dealt with the challenges and circumstances that He encountered each day. 

The text from today's devotional struck me as I contemplated my treadmill dilemma-

"You have no idea of where or how God is going to engineer your future circumstances, and no knowledge of what stress and strain is going to be placed on you either at home or abroad. And if you waste your time in over-activity, instead of being immersed in the great fundamental truths of God’s redemption, then you will snap when the stress and strain do come."

I experienced a great "a-ha" moment as I re-read these words. What is the great fundamental truth mentioned here?

The life changing revelation is that I have been eternally saved and adopted into God's Kingdom as a beloved child. I am a merely a visitor and a stranger to this world where I now reside. My purpose in this short visit isn't to do anything but God's will as he reveals it to me one step at a time through those pesky circumstances that I desperately try to avoid.  God has not, and will not bring anything to me here that I will be unable to bear.

I need to stop asking the Holy Spirit to continually lead me, but rather listen and obey Him where He has placed me right now. My great hope is knowing that one day I will be with my Lord forever in His Kingdom, where I belong and long to be!

The Unheeded Secret. John 18:36

Jesus wasn't ever in a hurry or anxious because He knew that every circumstance He encountered was perfectly engineered by His Heavenly Father.  Jesus came here to do His Father's work. His circumstances were not an accident.  Those circumstances were God's exactly engineered intersections between Himself and a lost or wayward child.

Jesus answered his accuser, "My kingdom is not of this world"John 18:36. While in His time of greatest distress on earth, Jesus kept His focus on where He was ultimately headed, and on who He came here to serve.  Light-bulb! I need to do the same thing.

This isn't the first blog post that I've written about this verse. Perhaps it is time that I stop talking about about what God keeps telling me as I stumble across this eternal wisdom, and put it into practice!

My Kingdom Is Not Of This World. John 18:36. , Copyright © 2010 by Mark Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.

The Unheeded Secret. John 18:36  Copyright © 2013 by Mark Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.

Battlefield Of The Mind- Inspiring New Art Gallery



I am a personal fan and supporter of the ministry and teaching of Joyce Meyer. One of my favorite books is Battlefield Of The Mind that Joyce wrote several years ago.  I have read it personally several times and have passed along copies to my older children.

Over the past several months I have been creating a series of new paintings that are inspired by some of my favorite teachings and verses from this book.  The new Battlefield Of The Mind Series is a unique collection of some of my most colorful and expressive artwork. I hope that you enjoy this art and are encouraged and inspired by the life-changing truths shared in these bible verses.

As you browse through these new additions, please let me know your thoughts!


Blessings to you,


Art Spotlight- Hand Embellished Canvas Giclees

It has been a very busy couple of months as I've been working to fulfill some large Christmas orders of my hand embellished canvas giclees. Thankfully these orders have been arriving early in the season.  It takes a lot of work to essentially over-paint by hand each of the giclees with a heavy gloss acrylic gel medium.

I add the brushstrokes as I follow the contours of the giclee's composition. The brushstrokes add rich layers of texture and dimension that make each piece a unique work of art that is virtually indistinguishable from an oil or acrylic painting.

I've pasted below a couple of of close-up images to give you an idea of the hand texturing effect-

Hand Embellished & Textured Limited Edition GicleeJesus Christ, The Messiah

Hand Textured Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Art 

Hand Embellished & Textured Limited Edition GicleeEndless Love And Mercy. Lamentations 3:22

Hand Textured Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Art 

It's not too late to place your order for a beautiful limited edition hand textured canvas giclee.  Place your order soon to ensure that the most special gift under your Christmas tree will arrive in time!



Please Contact Us today if you have any questions about Mark's beautiful Limited Edition hand textured canvas giclee artwork.   

Faith Comes Through! Romans 10:17

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  Romans 10:17

Our faith gives us the hope and courage that we need to walk through the storms we face each day. If we fear it is because we have taken our eyes off of our great God who sovereignly rules over all time and space.

Faith Comes Through. Romans 10:17



God's Spirit can guide and teach us through his word in such surprising ways.

When God sends a message to us through scripture it is never by accident.  In Isaiah 55:11, God says that wherever He sends His word it never returns empty, but always achieves the special purpose for which it was sent.

Prayerfully consider the verse that inspired this painting and know that the Mighty God of all the heavens has reached out to touch you this moment.


Faith Comes Through. Romans 10:17, VerseVisions® Modern Christian Art Collection. Copyright © 2011 by Mark Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.

The Well of Grace. 2 Corinthians 6:1 | Modern Christian Art

 Chriatian Art | The Well of Grace. 2 Corinthians 6:1

In our work together with God, then, we beg you who have received God's grace not to let it be wasted.  2 Corinthians 6:1

Grace is the undeserved favor and assistance that is available at any time from God for his children. It is through our prayers that we seek and receive God’s grace. The older I get, the more I am learning to draw on God’s grace not just when I’m in a difficult place, but in all situations.

As a child of the Lord all of my circumstances are a result of His leadership in my life. Every step, every conversation and assignment are parts of the plan that God has ordained for my earthly life. Even when I misstep He leads me back onto the path of righteousness through his grace.

How much better life is when I understand and accept that God’s grace is abundantly available to me at all times! Drinking from that well of love and favor is an addiction that can only grow stronger as we begin to really understand just how much God loves and cares for us.

Are we children who only “call home” when we’re in trouble? I encourage you to treat prayer with God as important as the air we breathe. Talk with your heavenly Father and receive His grace at all times and let its abundant availability not be wasted.

When God sends a message to us through scripture it is never by accident. In Isaiah 55:11, God says that wherever He sends His word it never returns empty, but always achieves the special purpose for which it was sent.


Prayerfully consider the bible verse that inspired this painting and know that the Mighty God of all the heavens has reached out to touch you this moment!

VerseVisions® is a contemporary Christian art ministry whose purpose is to share the love and message of God to all people through art and scriptural words of encouragement. VerseVisions® Christian themed paintings are inspired by bible verses.

Through the posting of this painting online, God's word is seen by thousands of people in countries all over the world. In some of these countries it is illegal to even own a Bible; yet a powerful message from God’s word is shared through Christian artwork that caught a seeker’s eyes.

The internet is filled with lost souls searching for answers to difficult questions. We have a Shepherd in heaven, Jesus Christ who longs to care and protect us all if we will seek Him and surrender our lives to his Lordship. Reflect on your life and understand that God is knocking on the door of your heart through your circumstances and fears… will you let him in?

The Well of Grace. 2 Corinthians 6:1 . VerseVisions® Bible Verse Inspired Christian Modern Art. Copyright © 2008 by Mark Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.

This Christian modern art is available as a fine art Christian print, and as a large-format Collector’s Edition textured giclee. Textured giclees are completely over-painted and embellished by hand, signed, and numbered by Mark Lawrence. Collector’s Editions are limited to 100 and are available at

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