This gallery contains some of Mark Lawrence's most popular traditional fine art giclees. Mark enjoys working with colorful abstract patterns of geometric shapes. As he continued to experiment with new shapes, patterns, and textures in his work; a new and unique style of modern art evolved.

Mark Lawrence's Modern Tile Art process is inspired by the grid technique that Chuck Close has pioneered. Each of the abstract expressionist “tiles” in Mark's work are composed and meticulously digitally hand colored in a manner that is similar to Close’s signature grid-art method.

The resulting paintings reveal a mosaic of colorful patterns and geometric symmetry that have become some of Mark’s most popular art. Enjoy browsing this special gallery of Mark Lawrence’s corporate and private collection traditional giclee fine art and consider adding one of these unique, magnificent works to your personal collection.

Looking for art that is shipped framed, stretched, or printed on metal or Acrylic panels?

Mark's artwork printed on metal panels, acrylic panels, stretched canvas and fine art paper can also be purchased at

If you can't find an image that you'd like to purchase, or if you'd like a special size or orientation, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help!

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