Abstract Modern Bible Verse Christian Art inspired by Bible verses from the book of Revelation in the New Testament.  Original and inspiring large format fine art prints and canvases by contemporary Christian artist Mark Lawrence. 

Revelation 1:5 Jesus Christ, The First Begotten
Revelation 1:8 Jesus Christ, The Alpha and Omega
Revelation 1:17 Jesus Christ, The First And Last
Revelation 2:7 The Law of Opposition
Revelation 2:7 The Tree of Life
Revelation 3:8 Blessings For Obedience
Revelation 3:10 The Faith to Persevere
Revelation 3:14 Jesus Christ, The Amen
Revelation 3:19 Be Zealous
Revelation 7:1 Do You See Jesus In Your Clouds?
Revelation 19:13  Jesus Christ, The Word of God
Revelation 21:3 He Will Dwell With Them
Revelation 21:4 The Laughter And The Kissed Back Tears
Revelation 21:6 Fountain Of The Water Of Life
Revelation 22:17 Take The Water Of Life Freely


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