Modern Bible Verse Christian Art inspired by Bible scriptures and verses from the book of Psalms in the Old Testament.  Original and inspiring large format fine art prints and canvases by contemporary Christian artist Mark Lawrence.  


Psalm 1:1 The Way Of The Righteous
Psalm 1:2 Delight In The Lord
Psalm 1:3 Strength Of Righteousness
Psalm 1:4 The Wind Drives Away
Psalm 1:5 End Of The Ungodly
Psalm 1:6 The Lost Way
Psalm 5:11 Be Joyful
Psalm 9:9 My Stronghold In Times Of Trouble
Psalm 9:10 Whom Do You Trust?
Psalm 12:5 I Will Rescue
Psalm 16:1 Preserve Me, O God
Psalm 16:8 Always Before Me
Psalm 16:11 Where I Want To Be
Psalm 18:3 He Is Worthy To Be Praised
Psalm 18:28 Enlighten My Darkness
Psalm 18:35 Just Be Held
Psalm 19:4 Making Wise The Simple
Psalm 23:7 I Will Walk Through The Valley If You Want Me To
Psalm 27:1 Whom Shall I Fear?
Psalm 27:13 See The Goodness Of The Lord
Psalm 27:14 Be Of Good Courage
Psalm 30:2 Gloria in te Domine
Psalm 30:5 Joy Comes In The Morning
Psalm 30:11 My Despair Has Turned To Joy
Psalm 31:7 Rejoice In Your Mercy
Psalm 31:24 Hope In The Lord
Psalm 34:10b Any Good Thing
Psalm 34:17 Cry Out
Psalm 34:19 The LORD Delivers
Psalm 35:27 Shout For Joy
Psalm 37:4 The Desires Of Your Heart
Psalm 37:8 Do Not Fret- It Only Causes Harm
Psalm 37:23 Firm Steps
Psalm 37:39 My Comfort From Above
Psalm 38:9 Mercy in My Despair
Psalm 40:1-3 You Are Not Alone
Psalm 42:5 Reject Discouraging Thoughts!
Psalm 42:8 The Lord Reigns
Psalm 46:1-3  God Is Our Refuge And Strength
Psalm 48:9 Meditate On The Love Of God
Psalm 48:14 Our Guide
Psalm 54:4 God Is A Friend Of Mine
Psalm 55:6 Fly Away
Psalm 55:18 Battle For My Soul
Psalm 55:22 What To Do Under The Conditions
Psalm 56:3 I Will Trust In You
Psalm 56:4 I Will Not Fear
Psalm 59:16 Mercy In The Morning
Psalm 62:1 Waiting Upon The Lord
Psalm 69:36 The Seeds of Love
Psalm 70:1 Make Haste!
Psalm 70:2 Ashamed and Confounded
Psalm 70:4 Let God Be Magnified
Psalm 70:5 My Deliverer
Psalm 71:20 From The Depths
Psalm 73:21 I Desire Only You
Psalm 79:9 Help Us, O God
Psalm 87:7 And Every Virtue We Possess
Psalm 89:15 The Joyful Sound
Psalm 91:1-2 Under The Shadow
Psalm 91:1-4 My Place of Rescue and Safety
Psalm 91:11 Angels Over You
Psalm 91:14-15 Call Upon Me
Psalm 92:1 Give Thanks To The Lord
Psalm 100:1 Shout With Joy! Psalm 100:1
Psalm 100:4-5 Thanksgiving
Psalm 103:11 So Great Is His Love
Psalm 103:12 God Is Not Mad At You
Psalm 103:13 Compassion
Psalm 104:3 The Wings Of The Wind
Psalm 104:4 A Flame of Fire
Psalm 107:7 He Led Them
Psalm 107:20 Delivered By The Word
Psalm 113:9 A Happy Mother
Psalm 116:7 Return To Your Rest
Psalm 116:8 As Tears Go By
Psalm 118:8 Trust In The Lord
Psalm 118:17-18 Declare
Psalm 119:05 The Lighted Path
Psalm 119:10 Let Me Not Wander
Psalm 119:15 Think About What You're Thinking About
Psalm 119:28 My Soul Melts
Psalm 119:165 Great Peace
Psalm 121:7 My Protector
Psalm 121:8 The Lord Keeps Watch Over You
Psalm 123:3 The Distraction Of Contempt
Psalm 125:6 Sow In Tears
Psalm 127:3-5 Children Are A Gift
Psalm 130:5 My Soul Waits
Psalm 133:1 Together In Unity!
Psalm 138:7 Protected In The Midst Of Trouble
Psalm 138:8 Enduring Love
Psalm 139:12 Never Hidden From Thee
Psalm 139:16 Created By God
Psalm 141:8 In You I Take Refuge
Psalm 145:8 Great In Mercy
Psalm 147:3 Brokenhearted


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