Modern Bible Verse Christian Art inspired by Bible verses from the book of 1st Peter in the New Testament.  Unique and inspiring large format fine art prints and canvases by emerging Christian artist Mark Lawrence. 

1 Peter 1:7 Tested By Fire
1 Peter 1:12 Angels Desire To Look Into
1 Peter 1:13 A Wandering Mind
1 Peter 2:3 The Lord Is Gracious
1 Peter 2:9 The Privilege of Praise
1 Peter 2:11 Living Before The World
1 Peter 2:24 I Walk In Divine Health
1 Peter 2:24 By Whose Stripes You Were Healed
1 Peter 2:25  Jesus Christ, The Shepherd and Bishop of Souls
1 Peter 3:15 The Reason For The Hope
1 Peter 4:3 Living In The Past
1 Peter 4:17 Judgment on the Abyss of Love
1 Peter 5:7 Cast All Your Anxiety
1 Peter 5:7 He Cares For You
1 Peter 5:10 The God of All Grace
1 Peter 5:10 Suffering Precedes Liberation

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