Handcrafted Limited Edition Art

November 28, 2015

 Mark Lawrence Limited Edition Art

Collectible Handcrafted Art

Mark doing what he loves most!Mark Lawrence's limited edition artwork is handcrafted with the intent that each piece will be a family heirloom that is passed on for generations to come. We take the work of producing art that will stand the test of time very seriously.

Mark oversees the entire artwork process to meticulously ensure that the colors, tones and expression for each piece is precise before he signs and numbers each order.

Our Collector's canvas brush stroked limited edition art is ultra hand embellished by Mark to add richly contoured textures to each piece. Mark’s signature on his art is a hallmark for excellence, quality and value for his handcrafted limited editions.

Creating A Limited Edition

Creating Digital Art

Central to Mark’s painting process is the creation of a digitized composition that expresses the mood, emotion and feelings that he desires each of his inspired pieces to impart.

His unique digital artistic workflow relies upon a cutting edge computer platform and customized art painting software.  He uses those tools and his innovative techniques to paint some of the most recognized and distinctive abstract art in the world today. 

After each painting is digitally perfected, Mark then meticulously works with his expert giclee printer to ensure that his art file is precisely calibrated for the fine art printing process.

Mark has pioneered and evolved his digital art process as the image processing power of desktop technology has expanded in capacity and capability. Sales of his open edition artwork have generated more than a million dollars in sales in the past two years.

Fine Art Collectors are now benefiting from the rising popularity of Mark’s art by owning his unique handcrafted limited edition pieces.  Read below to learn more about how Mark's limited edition artwork is created.

Superior Archival Canvas and Paper Media

Heirloom quality artwork requires an archival foundation of the highest quality canvas or fine art paper media.  Our paper is 100% cotton fiber and is specifically made for archival fine art digital giclee printing. The paper is archival certified for 100+ years, 310g and is acid / lignin free.

Our heavy canvas was specifically engineered for archival fine art digital giclee printing. The canvas is a textured 19 mil bright white, poly-cotton blend that has an acid-free, neutral pH coating. The canvas is archival certified for 100+ years and will not crack or tear when stretched.

Museum quality fine art canvas and paper are an underpinning from which the dazzling colors of the spectrum will radiate from Mark’s art for generations to come. 

Archival Fine Art Inks and Color Precision

Printing a Fine Art GicleeThere is a science to printing fine art giclees. Because of this, Mark’s giclee printing process is managed by an expert fine art master printer. All of our signed and numbered limited edition artwork is custom created at the time of order, one piece at a time. Our gallery artwork is created using state of the art high resolution fine art printing technology and archival quality / UV resistant giclee inks.

Our printing process uses unique ICC profiles to ensure expert color calibration of our media and inks. Advanced spectrophotometers are used to analyze art output and to adjust for spot-on color precision. Mark’s limited edition artwork is handcrafted by a fine art printing expert who ensures that the intended colors are brilliantly output to the highest standards of quality possible.

Once printed, our canvases are hand varnished with a clear UV protective finish that enhances color, deepens blacks and provides abrasion protection. This extra step in our process not only gives added protection from harmful UV rays but helps to protect the canvas from scratching.

Artist Hand Textured and Brushstroke Embellished

Hand Embellished Art Detail

Mark has pioneered a new ultra textured style for his hand embellished of limited edition canvas artwork. His distinctive technique is to meticulously repaint by hand over the contours of each print with a rich clear acrylic gel medium. The laborious process can take days to complete depending upon the size of the canvas.

The results of Mark’s unique ultra embellishing technique are unique and brilliant. The method adds a bold and expressive dimension of texture that transforms each print into its own unique artwork original.

Inspected, Hand Signed and Numbered By the Artist

Collectors Edition Embellished CanvasThe last step in our limited edition artwork process is perhaps the most important. Each piece of artwork we create has been custom made for each Collector. Mark’s art is not mass produced. Prior to shipping each order Mark personally inspects each piece to ensure that it meets his standard for quality and excellence.

Only after the inspection is passed is the artwork hand-signed, numbered and approved for release.  A Certificate of Authenticity with an identical number that our master printer provides is then matched with the artwork. The limited edition's title and number are logged by the gallery and permanently stricken from world-wide availability.

Mark’s Magical Inspiring Art

As you can see it takes a lot of work and passion to create Mark Lawrence's limited edition artwork. Presenting Mark’s art and message through art is a labor of love that he pours his heart and soul into every day.

Please browse Mark’s gallery and let us know which pieces speak to you. We love hearing from fans who have been touched by Mark’s art.

Please Contact Us if we can help you in any way to select and display a beloved artwork in your home or office. Shop Mark’s Limited Edition Art


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