Do Not Fret- It Only Causes Harm. Psalm 37:8

July 05, 2010

"Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret—it only causes harm." Psalm 37:8

This command is really easy to handle when our lives are running smoothly.  But how difficult it is to put this teaching into action when we are in the furnace of affliction, faced with trials and circumstances that we cannot escape.  

Jesus never worried about anything because His mind was completely focused on fulfilling God's purpose and destiny for his earthly life.  We fret when we forget whose will ("Thy will be done") we are here to accomplish.  How it must break God's heart when we are so determined to get our own way instead of committing our plans to Him.  

Fretting and worrying about accomplishing our own plans is a sin against our Lord and Master.  Jesus told us that we can only serve one master.  If we can trust God with our eternal souls in heaven after we die, how much more should we trust him to care for us here in this temporary life as children of the Living God.  Which master are we serving when we worry about getting our own way?

Do Not Fret- It Only Causes Harm. Psalm 37:8, Mixed media on canvas. Copyright © 2010 by Mark Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.

This work is available as a Collector’s Edition fine art giclee on museum quality canvas, ultra-hand embellished, hand-signed and numbered by Mark Lawrence. Collector’s Editions are limited to 100.

This work is also available as a Designer's Edition intermediate and petite sized, fine art giclee printed on museum quality paper, hand-signed and numbered by Mark Lawrence. Designer’s Editions are limited to 250.


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