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Christian Modern Art

Christian Modern Art > A Directory of the Best Christian Modern Art and Abstract Art on the Web No Temptation. 1 Corinthians 10:13 by Mark Lawrence
No Temptation. 1 Corinthians 10:13 by Mark Lawrence 

Christian Modern Art

A Directory of Christian Modern Art and Christian Abstract Art links on the Web

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King Jr.

A comprehensive internet directory of the best modern and contemporary Christian art on the web.  Whether the art is abstract, realistic, surreal, impressionist, expressionist, or anything in between; it is inspiring to see God glorified in this amazing collection of amazing Christian modern art from the Web.

Browse the artist’s sites below and surf through the diverse blend of styles and techniques that you come across. Please feel free to suggest any new Christian artists that you feel should be added to the collection.

Makoto Fujimura  A great modern abstract Christian painter who combines abstract expressionism with the traditional Japanese art of Nihonga.

Howard Finster Enjoy the Christian folk art paintings and mixed media work from Baptist preacher turned artist Howard Finster.

Christina Saj  This modern Christian artist shares her wonderful modern interpretations of icon paintings. Her faith in Jesus Christ is shared and celebrated in her amazing collection of paintings, mixed media, and drawings. 

Akiane Kramarik  US born child prodigy artist Akiane Krarik's Christian art is inspired by her visions of heaven, and her personal connection with God. Kramarik's wonderful Christian modern art depicts life, people and landscapes.

Rhema Expressions- Check out this very nice Christian run online art gallery that designs images and paintings based on the word of God.  Paintings are available from a variety of mixed media including watercolors, acrylics and digital- yes you can also purchase art there!

Mark Weisbeck   The large and inspiring modern Christian sculpture of artist Mark Weisbeck is featured here.  Mark's amazing Christian art career is rocketing internationally and after you see his beautiful sculptures you will know why.

Justin Brown  This innovative Christian artist's work is inspired by the Parables told in the Bible. I love the bright and vivid colors that Justin uses to convey his message and his faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord. I hope that Justin continues to paint art that glorifies Jesus!

Edward Knippers  The devout Christianity of Edward Knippers as reflected in his inspiring paintings, sets him apart from many other contemporary artists. Knippers' fresh and vibrant style will keep you clicking and clicking as you explore his expression of faith through his art.

Daniel Jimick   Dan's Christian paintings are inspired by his conviction that many people go through life never realizing or experiencing the blessings available to them. He hopes his art will evoke an awareness of a beautiful reality above and beyond the physical and point them towards a joyful relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe that Dan does a great job of sharing the hope and joy of Jesus.

Jaison Cianelli  A self-taught American Christian artist born near Boston, MA. At the heart of Cianelli's Christian art work is a desire to express his joy of life with others. Cianelli specializes in Christian abstract art and abstract landscape paintings using acrylics, mixed-media, including digital art.

Daniel Arredondo  Enjoy Daniel's Christian modern art on canvas, canvas board, wood board, wood blocks, slate tile and glass. His Christian Art subjects include shepherds, angels, maidens, and landscapes.

George Ioannou   Via the All Saints Icon Workshop website to explore iconographer George Ioannou's timeless Christian artwork.  For more than 25 years, he has authored hundreds of holy icons, and has produced commissions for churches throughout the United Kingdom.

Thomas Kinkade  The art and paintings of one of the nations most collected living artists.  Mr. Kinkade credits the Lord for the inspiration and ability to create his paintings.

Rosemarie Adcock  You will be amazed and inspired by the rich and imaginative Christian fine art paintings of Rosemarie Adcock. Her  current work is a series of biblical and allegorical oil paintings exploring rich color, lush garden settings and expressive figures. You really need to see this amazing gallery collection!

Michael Hanson   Check out Christian artist Michael Hanson's paintings, drawings, and sculpture on his blog site. Michael's modern Christian art is fresh and inspiring. I have a feeling that we'll be hearing and seeing a lot more from this very talented artist.

John Freeman  Visit John Freeman's site and enjoy the work of a Modern Australian Christian Artist based in Austrailia.  John trained as an Art Teacher and taught for over a decade. Thankfully he is now painting and sharing his work on the web.

Chris Harber   Christian artist Chris Harber from New Orleans, Louisiana shares his Jesus Series on his new website.

Lance Brown Painted Christ is live performance art painted by Christian artist Lance Brown. Large-scale canvas paintings of our Lord Jesus Christ are painted in less than 20 minutes right in front of a live audience. Each canvas tells a story of Jesus that will bless your heart and strengthen your faith.

Michael Dudash  A born-again Christian artist whose artwork is turning to Christian themes as he paints to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Check out the Christian gallery on his site.

Mary Ellen Buccellato  Modern Christian art paintings and jewelry by artist Mary Ellen Buccellato from south Florida.

Sandra Bowen Unique Christian art that incorporates archaeological references from the Bible, text and language, and worn pages from old-antique Bibles.

Kathleen Giles  Christian watercolor artist Kathleen Giles shares her faith and passion for Jesus Christ in her Spiritual gallery. She has been a watercolor artist for more than 21 years and creates amazing paintings the glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grant Crawford  In his work, Grant seeks inspiration in God's handiwork. Grant works at sculpture projects, and drawing and painting. He sculpts in: stone; wood wax; clay; plaster; concrete; metals; glass and resins. Enjoy his work!

Carlos Cazares  Experience the deeply textured and rich abstract Christian themed art canvases and sculptured that Mexican artist Carlos Cazares exhibits in his painting gallery site.  The site loads a little slowly, but it is well worth the wait to behold this inspired modern Christian art.

Thomas Fluharty  Here is a link to Christian artist and illustrator Thomas Fluharty's blog site.  Scroll down and you can see some amazing modern portrait paintings based on Biblical themes.

Sharon Morrison  Junior High School teacher and amazing Christian artist Sharon Morrison exhibits her original oil and acrylic paintings here on her online gallery.

John August Swanson Richly detailed and thought provoking Christian watercolor, mixed media and acrylic paintings of parables and spiritual transformation

Jeffrey Baker Amazing use of bright colors highlight the beauty of the Australian landscape and his love of God.

Matthew Whitney  Christian painter Matthew Whitney's exhibits his thought provoking oil paintings here in his artist's portfolio site.  His expressionistic imagery highlights spiritual and religious themes, that are compelling and introspective.

Mary Crittenden  A collection of the religious art cards and Christian art of California painter Mary Crittenden.  Her realistic style is soft and almost angelic-like; visit and enjoy her work.

Gary Bergel A great collection of Christ inspired mixed-media collage; consisting of-photography, acrylic paint, Polaroid transfers, Xerox, silk-screening, letterpress and other print processes.

Ron Dicianni Enjoy the paintings and biblical art of Christian painter Ron DiCianni. Ron's aim is to "bring people face-to-face with Jesus Christ through paintings"; I believe you will agree that he has accomplished his goal.

Catherine Andrews A beautiful collection of Catherine's inspirational Christian fine art. Her colorful gallery includes Jesus and angel themed artwork and other Biblical themed religious paintings.

Paula Jolly I really enjoy Paula's colored pencil drawings and how she shares her faith through her Biblically inspired art.  Here you will experience themes of love, grace, service and sacrifice.

Ghenadie Sontu A messianic artist from Moldova. Check out his modern drawings, paintings, and his photography on his site.

Joe Goode  Graphic Christian artist Joe Goode's site spotlights his amazing Biblically inspired illustrations and artwork.  You really have to see Joe's art to appreciate it- very, very good art!

Dalana Castrell The modern abstract Christian paintings of Dalana Castrell feature contrasts of symbolism and color.

Spencer Williams  A Christian art gallery featuring the moving and realistic paintings of Spencer Williams.

Deborah Sokolove Bible inspired and brightly colored Contemporary Christian paintings evoke a sense of eternity and the divine presence of God.

Cliff McReynolds  Visit the modern Christian themed paintings of self-professed "out of step" artist Cliff McReynolds. The artist explores and expresses his creative expression of truth through wonderful and insightful paintings.

Yisehak  A devout Christian artist whose spiritual themes and compelling biography will move and inspire. His spiritual paintings are dedicated to, and honor  the church.

Sparky Miller The divinely inspired modern canvases of Wyoming Christian artist Sparky Miller.

Brad Coriell   Christian artist Brad Coriell's "high realism" signature style is spotlighted on his studio website.  Be sure to visit, and be humbled by his Inspirational gallery located in the Art section of his site.

Miska Colorful and expressive modern Christian paintings including some Picasso like Madonna icons

Reima Honkasalo Contemporary abstract symbolism assemblage, installation, sculpture and painting exploring faith and a critique of modern society. Check out the amazing assembly work!

Duncan Long is a Christian graphic artist, writer and musician whose work glorifies, and points the way to Jesus.  The site is a bit difficult to navigate (lots of new windows), but well worth the time to see how God is using this talented artist.

Bruce and Kim Carey  Beautiful, artistic, hand made and numbered Christian crosses made from highly polished Texas Mesquite wood.

Danny Hahlbohn  Visit the personal art gallery of Christian artist Danny Hahlbohn.  His great painting, "Footprints in the Sand” gave him world recognition, and placed his art into the homes of millions of people all over the world.

Curt Doll A great collection of highly detailed and colorful Christian stained glass work, and a gallery of fine art prints.

Cornelis Monsma The contemporary Christian modern art of self-professed expressionist visual artist Cornelis Monsma.

Kate Austin Christian artist Kate Austin’s online art gallery of her modern oil on plywood paintings that she paints during prayer.

Stephen Sawyer  The Christ inspired paintings of Christian artist Stephen Sawyer from Kentucky.

John Bell  John shares a very large collection of Christian photography and art with inspirational Bible verses.  Don't miss the Bible reading plan he posted that contains the entire Bible (four versions!) for surfers who prefer to read their scripture on a computer monitor.

Christian Modern Art Galleries and Art Collections

Here are some links to Christian Modern art galleries and some collections that I’ve come across-

ARM- Arts for Relief and Missions-  ARM uses the fine arts, music, and biblical teaching for the work of God's Kingdom. See their Chapel Galleries section and be inspired at how Christian art and artists are using their gifts to help spread the message of Jesus.

Chapel Galleries  Chapel Galleries was formed to make fine art available for sale where a portion of all proceeds goes to humanitarian relief work and other missions projects around the world. Great Christian Modern Art, for a great cause.

Art and the Bible- Have you ever found yourself in front of a famous painting wondering what it was all about? Art and the Bible site offers background information on famous paintings and biblical themes.

Biblical Art on the WWW- This site created by Rolf E. Stærk, a Norwegian theologian and schoolteacher, began as a simple PowerPoint presentation and has grown to become a 1000+ page source for viewing and researching biblical art on the Internet.

Christian Art Another popular Christian art site on Flickr. It is incredible to me to see such a broad range of contemporary abstract art styles and techniques being used by artists all over the world to honor God.

In His Image A terrific Christian art gallery of limited edition bronze sculpture inspired by Bible verses.

Ascalon Studios Wonderful stained glass, mosaics, tapestries, murals and art for churches and sanctuaries.

Israelimage.net- Visit Jack Hazut's amazing gallery and collection of artwork and posters about Israel and the Holy Land.

White Stone Gallery A Christian gallery featuring original paintings and signed limited editions from a collection of modern Christian artists from around the world.

Tapestry Productions  A great Christian art gallery featuring some very talented artists and their paintings and limited reproduction prints.

ContemporaryModernArt.org The web's best directory of contemporary modern art and artists.

Christian Art of Today A Flickr Contemporary Christian art and photo collection that has some really unique and inspiring work that has been contributed by people around the world.

Christians in the Visual Arts An organization of Christian painters, graphic artists, sculptors, photographers, and even video artists who share their personal attitudes, opinions and faith through modern art.

We would love to see your favorite Christian artist’s sites. If you would like to suggest any Christian art websites, or if you have ideas to improve this site please email me admin@ChristianModernArt.com  

A quick note- Recommended artist's sites should have Christian themed artwork posted for viewing. I would like to keep the site focused only on art paintings, sculpture and creative mixed media. Christian craft art, or mass produced gift-art has its place, but just not on this site. Thanks!